180 Inch Mexican Style Wrinkle Resistant Hand Wraps - Red, White & Blue

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Mexican style 180 inch hand wraps are generally preferred by both amateurs and professionals for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts
• Enhanced durability- these hand wraps are thicker and more durable than most wraps on the market, increasing comfort while protecting your hands.
• Wrinkle resistant- no more struggle to untangle your wraps after washing them.  These wraps easily pull apart from one another and are easy to roll.
• Since everyone's wrist size is different, we decided to manufacture these wraps with extra long hook & loop tape to maximize security .  To personalize your wraps and maximize comfort, simply wrap your hands and cut the hook tape to the desired length.
Available in various color schemes - you can look good while protecting your hands.
**International orders - We can ship internationally; however, please be aware that your country may collect import taxes and (VAT) fees upon arrival.

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